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 the Rules (read them!)

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the Rules (read them!) Empty
PostSubject: the Rules (read them!)   the Rules (read them!) I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 8:50 pm

1. Come here to have fun, or leave. Yes, you can take roleplaying seriously, but also remember to have a good time as well. Don't try to spoil anyone's fun either.

2. Please be literate. Meaning, please be sure to be knowledgeable in English and apply that knowledge when you roleplay. Mistakes are acceptable, but it is just a pain when you write worse than a grade schooler...unless you are in grade school. In which case, GET OUT.

3. Don't be an ass. No one is allowed to be a douche unless you are Izaya OOC.

4. A lot of roleplaying will most likely take place in the Chatbox. Please remember that if you want to say something OOC, write it in-between brackets or parentheses.

5. If you want to roleplay an original character, please register with their full name and fill out an application. Await out approval before you do anything else. This does NOT apply to canon characters.

6. Any questions, PM me or Izaya.
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the Rules (read them!)
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