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 Hot Day

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PostSubject: Hot Day    Hot Day  I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 5:04 pm

Kyoko walked rapidlly into the park muttering some random stuff about the air conditioner going out.It was pretty much a hot day in Ikebukuro most people stayed inside with working air conditioner,other stayed inside stores but very few went outside to park and faced the heat to continue their daily routine .

"Stupid air conditioner",Kyoko mutter as she sat under a tree.

There was a few breezes here and there but not enough to cool someone down.

"So...HOT",kyoko complained rather loudly while laying on her stomach.Her possession stared changed a lot and end up with her feet in the air,stomach laying on the tree bark and her head on the ground.

"Well this sucks... I should have stayed inside and watched t.v,but then again the air conditioner doesn't work"
,She said to herself.
To lazy to get up she stayed in the same spot and didn't moving at all.

(well it's really suck-ish -_-')

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Hot Day
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