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 Home sweet home~

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Shirata Nui


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PostSubject: Home sweet home~   Sat Jul 17, 2010 9:52 pm

.:She stared at her mirror and her reflection stared back at her; She was nervous about her new school and she didn't know if she could make new friends. Her eyebrows furrowed into a slight 'V' and doubt swirled in her eyes. Her eyes darted at her uniform - to check if it was worn properly; red bow - check, blue blazer - check, stylish short school-issued skirt - check - then at her hair -'Oh my gawd, they're uneven!' and spazzing out before fixing her pale brown hair into even twin tails - lastly at her face -'Mhmmmm, satisfactory enough' she thought before patting a small amount on powdered foundation on her skin to cover up the areas she missed.

Worried was an understatement.

She was distressed.

Her cheeks were puffed out and she squinted into the mirror; she clenched her fists and made funny faces at herself to calm herself down.

"Shi-chan! Come down! You're late for breakfast!" Multiple knocks on the door jolted her out of her distressed state. Her jar of powdered foundation dropped on her lap and left a powdery beige stain that clashed with the blue of her skirt.

"Mother! I'm coming!" She shouted in reply, loud enough for her mother to hear through the door but soft enough that the whole house didn't hear. "Mother, next time... do try to not knock abruptly on the door! You made me spill my powder!" She dusted off the powder and attempted to get the stain out of her skirt - most of it got out but you still could see a slight imprint of powder on her skirt if you stared hard enough.

"Yes, yes..." Her mother seemed to be dismissing it as nothing. The rhythmic 'Thmp, thmp' of her mother's footsteps was muffled through the door as Shirata sighed and rolled her eyes before getting up and hurrying down the stairs in the hallway, outside of her room to eat her breakfast:.


((Yes, I am a noob at RPing, so please forgive :3))
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Home sweet home~
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