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 Apartment? Oh joy.

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Blair Sakamoto


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PostSubject: Apartment? Oh joy.   Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:01 am


"♫ What's the pirate minus the ship? Just a creative homeless--- ♪"


"Next, the vinegar mix---"


"One kind of fuel we already know how to make is made from the edible parts of plants---"

Cue black screen.

There was nothing on TV. Absolutely nothing. Blair grumbled quite angrily and swore a bit at the defenseless entertainment system. Then again, it was about nine AM, so the outcome was to be expected. Lovely. An XBox 360 sat on a cabinet shelf collecting dust. Next to it sat a Nintendo Wii and a PS3. Currently, not one of the game systems had been touched in about two days. For the first time in her life, Blair did NOT feel like playing video games to pass the time. Boredom really sucks.

"Dammit, there's nothing to doooooooooo!"

Currently, the small-framed woman was slumped over on the couch in a decent-sized apartment that was located practically in Shinjuku. She was clad in a black tank top and red, plaid pajama shorts. Her glasses were slowly slipping off her face. The college-student-by-day, thief-for-hire-by-night-and-whenever-convenient was having a lazy day, that was for sure. Maybe she should actually change into some normal clothes and put her contacts on.

At least she would be able to go out and do some people-watching like she used to do at malls back in San Francisco...or maybe scope out some possible places to hit up later that night for personal thieving.

[[A/N: Um...if I shouldn't have posted anything yet, please tell me! =A= Oh, and if you think I need to improve on certain parts of my RP-ing, please don't hesitate to bring it up! >_< *shot*]]
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Shirata Nui


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PostSubject: Re: Apartment? Oh joy.   Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:15 am

[[Nyaaan~ Your RPing is pretty okay. Better than mine~. I just got into the RPing scene like... recently -1 day ago- so do go easy on me? Join the chat? Lets be friends? *Fails at communicating* XD ]]
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Apartment? Oh joy.
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