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 School Teim~

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Shirata Nui

Shirata Nui

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PostSubject: School Teim~   Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:09 pm

.:Rushed footsteps headed towards the gate of Raira High then stopped abruptly. Anyone looking would think that this -pale-brown haired girl ran a marathon from her house to school (well, she did. Just not a marathon). Shirata panted and bent over, propping her body on her knees; droplets of sweat fell on to the concrete pavement making tiny puddles.

Her chest heaved as she inhaled and exhaled raspily. She rushed all the way here in barely 2 minutes and she was already sweating.

She looked up at the towering main building of Raira High and clenched the handle of her school-issued bag tightly, squaring her shoulders before striding through the gates.:.

[[Yayy, finally at school <3]]
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School Teim~
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